Dream 11 Testimonial

Apr 9, 2024

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Abhishek has been instrumental in solving many data science challenges in Dream11. His strong mathematical acumen allowed us to gain deeper insights into many initiatives, giving us better ideas to explore, and discover new opportunities for improving the user experience. He has helped us with improving recommendation systems, stratified sampling, and payment gateway optimization. His work with our team on payment gateway optimization was also published as a research paper in an international AI conference. Our production payment system design greatly benefited from Abhishek's expertise and led to a significant improvement in overall payment success rates across the board.

Abhishek also served as a great mentor to the team and engaging with him elevated the practice of data science for us and his partnership also brought significant mathematical rigor into our problem formulations. He is very approachable, humble and detail oriented which made it possible for all levels of the team to learn from him. We are very grateful for his many contributions and amazing support.

Anantha Sundarajan

CDO, Dream11